About Whiting

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How Big Do Whiting Get?

The summer whiting generally ranges from 200 to 300 grams, but can occasionally get up to 900 grams. You would have to have a pretty large stringer of them to feed the whole family, but there are plenty of them to be caught. The winter whiting are smaller and it would take about 10 times or more as many of them to make a good fish feast. They are worth the effort though because they are quite tasty, being very succulent and a bit sweet. Itís not hard to catch more of these because you can easily catch them by the hundreds when they are around. Of course, having the right baits and being in the right spot helps.

Where to Find Whiting Fish

Going by the names of Yellowfin whiting, king george whiting, spotted whiting and sand whiting, they are partial to warm water and love the tropical and subtropical areas of Australia. They can be found from Victoria to Cape York. During the summer, they will enter the estuaries after the chilly water from the winter warms up. After making their way along the beaches, they will go to spawn and hang out inside the ocean bars of the estuaries. You can get an early jump on them by doing some surf fishing when things are beginning to warm up. The winter whiting are more apt to be found in the open bays along the Australian coastline during the cool months.

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